The Process 


Reach out! Shoot me a message on my contact form here. Through the contact form, I will have an idea of what you are looking for and a phone call can be scheduled! 



With my wedding philosophy primarily based on compassion and empathy, I prioritizes a phone call to make sure the clients I choose to work with are a proper fit. 



After the call, I will put together a custom web-based wedding proposal to fit the specific needs of your event. Once this is looked over and the contract is looked over, all that is needed is a signature and retainer to secure coverage for your wedding date.



As we move closer to your wedding day, Ian will be sending out a variety of documentation at the 90, 60, and 30 day markers. I will also be working alongside your vendors to make sure that we are all on the same page and are functioning as a team. 



IT'S HERE! Day of I will show up with a team of 2-4 depending on the scale of your event. We will be working hard alongside your vendor team, and family to ensure we are capturing every moment, and detail to your expectations!



I shoot hybrid film and digital photography. With that, turnaround times may take longer than they would with just a normal digital photographer, but I promise the final result after they are developed and scanned is breathtaking (more on film in FAQ). Generally I deliver my galleries 8-12 weeks from the wedding date to ensure I have an adequate amount of time to perfect your images. 



In my opinion, this is one of the most fun, and important parts of my process. With the stress of the planning and wedding day completed, we now have the opportunity to create some tangible heirloom pieces that are built to withstand generations. From full grain leather albums, to custom prints and installs, this is the part where we immortalize and create a legacy for your wedding day.


Let's Write  a Story your Grandchildren will aDmire

Both! I'm a big advocate for knowledge and experimentation. Shooting film allows me the opportunity to create unique imagery, as well as dial in my technical prowess behind the camera. I generally shoot digital as primary and film to supplement and to get an idea of what my "colors" are supposed to look like based off of a given film stock. 

Film or Digital?


Absolutely, I LOVE traveling and will take any opportunity that I can to get on a plane and experience something new. As mentioned before, all collections are customized to fit my clients needs, from a monetary perspective this is something that will be built into your custom proposal! 

Do you travel for weddings?